Graphic Design



These flyers were made for various student organizations on the WSU Vancouver campus, to promote their events. As the Director of Communications for the Associated Students of Washington State University Vancouver, I would receive advertisement requests from different organizations both external and internal. From these requests, I would construct print (full sheet and quarter sheet) and digital (Electronic reader board, Instagram, and Facebook) materials. for the cohesion of this page, I have chosen to display the print version (8.5″ x 11″).

One of the main differences from the flyers above is those that came from external organizations such as clubs or other Registered Student Organizations and those that were internal requests such as the Elections Board. I have a lot of variances and frequently play with color, typography, and layout when it came to external requests. For official student government events, I was more rigid and held on tightly to the ASWSUV brand guidelines.


Copy Writing

I have extensive copywriting experience including executive reports, electronic publications, social media case studies, and social media posts for businesses (both organic and paid posts).

Team Human Ebook – (Automatic Download)

Social Media Case Study, Beats by Dre, #AboveTheNoise –

Director of Communications Executive Report –

Web Design


While I do not claim to be a front end developer, I have hand-coded several websites using languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Below are a few projects I have done that display my ability to construct a site from the ground up.

Social Media Marketing Website (HTML, CSS) –

Mobile optimized recipe website (HTML, CSS) –

Map project (Javascript, HTML, CSS) –